Websteroids is running entfernen

Hi, Im new to this support group thing, I downloaded Skype and a whole bunch of stuff got installed as well, Websteroids being one of them, Im using Windows Vista and Firefox (latest vesrion) and as has been said Ive done multiple things listed above, such as disabling/removing the addon, uninstalled the programs on installed on 12/4/2013 (day Skype was installed), but I cant find ANYTHING related to websteroids in my program files and yet it still keeps appearing in my Toolbars, and keeps showing its ugly little face everytime I open Firefox. And now when I run a completely unrelated program (a game for example) it slows down CONSIDERABLY.

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Websteroids is running entfernen

websteroids is running entfernen


websteroids is running entfernenwebsteroids is running entfernen