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There are two main classes of transport proteins that are found within the plasma membrane. Channel proteins aid in passive transport, a process called facilitated diffusion. During this process, they serve as a tunnel for certain ions and small molecules. Examples of channel proteins include chloride, sodium, calcium, and potassium ion channels. Carrier proteins are used in both passive and active transport and change shape as they move their particular molecule across the membrane. Examples of carrier proteins within our cells include the sodium potassium pump and glucose transporters.

Cell membranes are impermeable to charged and polar molecules, meaning that these molecules cannot cross them spontaneously. Some transport proteins are intrinsic to cell membranes and facilitate the transport of polar molecules across the membranes. Each cell of the human body needs glucose , a very polar molecule, and human beings have five different glucose transport proteins (known as GLUT1 through GLUT5) that all serve a similar function: They carry glucose molecules across membranes and into cells. Without these transport proteins, the rate of glucose entry into cells would be very low indeed. Other membrane-linked transport proteins carry other molecules across membranes, including amino acids, ions, and vitamins .

Transportproteine steroidhormone

transportproteine steroidhormone


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