Sulfa steroid eye drops

I colored my hair today and had a terrible reaction. When I was in highschool I would color my hair and nothing would happen. I colored my hair about 7 years ago and had a terrible reaction ) eyes closed, head swole up terribly), then about 5 months ago I colored my hair at home and had an even worse reaction. I didn;t think it was the dye and I tried again at the salon. Needless to say I an suffereing from weeping swelling and soine itching. Honestly it’s not as bad as the first or second time. I wiped my scalp with peroxide and have been using olive oil to keep it from getting too stiff. I WILL NEVER try it again. I just pray I make it through this one. It really isn;t worth it.

_____   25. Your patient is receiving a protocol that includes both Adriamycin and Cytoxan.  You notice a redness in the urine.   You conclude that
 a. there must be a UTI and the patient needs a sulfa drug
 b. the redness is definitely blood since Adriamycin is known to cause hemorrhagic cystitis
 c. the redness is possibly, but not necessarily, indicative of the presence of blood in this case
 d. extravasation has occurred and protective measures are necessary

Sulfa steroid eye drops

sulfa steroid eye drops


sulfa steroid eye dropssulfa steroid eye dropssulfa steroid eye drops