Steroids for bronchitis while pregnant

"I am on day 5 of the Z-Pak for bronchitis and the only improvement I have is no more swollen throat. I cannot take deep breaths otherwise I immediately go into a coughing fit, my coughs are deep and painful, and my stomach is certainly not a fan of this medication at all. I can only sleep on my back to avoid the coughing and wheezing so when I finally do fall asleep I could sleep for days only to wake up more exhausted. I had a fever of the first day (Friday) which went away later after the first 2 pills but returned periodically throughout the weekend along with hot and cold sweats. The headaches are honestly the worst part. When I cough my head feels like it's going to split open. Seeking alternative next time."

I sat next to someone coughing on the plane for three hours and 55 minutes; nonstop. I came down with a bad case of bronchitis four days later. I slept for the first three days and noticed a return of fever and saw my physician. He prescribed steroids, Ventolin, and OTC decongestant at evening time. From November 25 until today, December 19, I have improved but am still extremely fatigued by midafternoon. This is opposite to my usual energetic self. I am only wheezing minimally, but find the length of recovery excessive. I want to resume my normal exercise activities but my daily mile walk takes a toll on me by midafternoon. I usually spin once a week and take a Zumba class once a week in addition to the walking, and I cannot hack it quite yet.

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Steroids for bronchitis while pregnant

steroids for bronchitis while pregnant


steroids for bronchitis while pregnantsteroids for bronchitis while pregnantsteroids for bronchitis while pregnantsteroids for bronchitis while pregnantsteroids for bronchitis while pregnant