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He is a trash talker and its funny as hell to watch! Results are an increase in hematocrit and more avaiable oxygen output to the muscles giving a person better endurance and cardio, even more daily energy. It generally takes about 30,000 iu to load. Before loading E you have to load up on iron. You can't produce red blood cells (RBCs) at this kind of rate without jacking up your iron levels (ferritin) and you will also need to be taking other essential vitamins as well in your 2 wks prior to the E load. I can get more into detail if you like but for now I will give the basics. After loading you move to a maitnence dose cutting your dose in half. The results can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks to a few months depending on how much work you do and what your crit levels are. If you really want a source you can add me and we'll talk more.

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Steroiden kopen forum

steroiden kopen forum


steroiden kopen forumsteroiden kopen forumsteroiden kopen forum