Pros and cons of taking steroids

Actually only about 30 people were killed from the Chernobyl because they ran straight into the nuclear reactor to throw material to stop the spread of radioactive material going more airborn. Yes there was spike in cancer cases in childern and women in a large radius around the the plant that could be linked to the accident, but it was not nearly as bad as the on averge 11000 deaths cause by just airborn coal emissions. Also, coal emission could be link to much larger accounts of risen cancer risk/cases, and that not just arounds that area where the fuel is burned its is polluting the world-wide with coals nasty bi products of dangerous carcigens and heavy metals.

·  National Security/Energy Independence:  Wind turbines diversify our energy portfolio and reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuel. Wind energy is homegrown electricity, and can help control spikes in fossil fuel cost. Distributed generation facilities, like many community wind projects, provide a safeguard against potential terrorist threats to power plants.

·  Supports Agriculture:  It is not often a new crop emerges from thin air. Wind turbines can be installed amid cropland without interfering with people, livestock, or production.

·  Local Ownership:  A significant contribution to the worldwide energy mix can be made by small clusters of turbines or even single turbines, operated by local landowners and small businesses. Developing local sources of electricity means we import less fuel from other states, regions, and nations. It also means our energy dollars are plowed back into the local economy.

Pros and cons of taking steroids

pros and cons of taking steroids


pros and cons of taking steroidspros and cons of taking steroidspros and cons of taking steroidspros and cons of taking steroidspros and cons of taking steroids