Jimmy on steroids episode

You don’t have to look far to see what’s wrong with JSM. For one thing Jimmy claims God gave him a new revelation about the cross of Christ. So for the past 2,000 years Jimmy is the first one, since Paul, to learn about the “message of the cross.” The immaturity of Jimmy and his hosts is unbelievable. All they talk about is sin and what you need to do to overcome it. But, they themselves never seem to overcome the same sins they accuse others of. For one thing, according to people who have left that ministry, there’s a lot of fornication, drinking, going to bars etc. going on all the time. I believe it. Jimmy gets on his high horse and says he’s never had a drop of liquor his entire life. I don’t believe it but big deal. He was going out after his crusades picking up hookers. This went on for over 30 years. He admitted that himself. He’s just a wolf in wolves clothing. I see through his lies, deception, fakery and phoniness. Why can’t you?

In the Season 19 episode " Tweek x Craig ", Asian-American female students started drawing homoerotic " yaoi " images of Craig and Tweek depicting them as lovers. Immediately, the two try to repudiate the rumors about them prompted by this. They eventually resolve to stage a public "break-up" to end the rumors. Though Tweek fears he cannot do this believably, Craig encourages him that he indeed can. However, Tweek goes too far by claiming that Craig is a manipulative cheater, which has the effect of ruining Craig's reputation with girls. Tweek later reveals that Craig's encouragement him gave him the confidence to believe in himself. They are seen to be together and holding hands are referred to as "boyfriends" in episodes like " Put It Down ".

There is so much satire and parody in this episode it's hard to keep track, but there's something unmissable about seeing Cartman fronting a Christian rock band. The plot is nothing short of brilliant; Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman form a band called Moop but they disagree on direction, forcing Cartman to storm out and start his own Christian band. The boys then illegally download songs for inspiration, get busted by the FBI, and team up with Britney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Alanis Morissette, and others to take down piracy. So far, so brilliant.

Jimmy on steroids episode

jimmy on steroids episode


jimmy on steroids episodejimmy on steroids episodejimmy on steroids episodejimmy on steroids episodejimmy on steroids episode