Intralesional corticosteroids dose

A web-based Human Surface Anatomy Mapper that allows for standardization of specimen labeling can be used to reduce biopsy site ambiguity and to perform epidemiology research. The ability to generate lists of anatomic locations can also be useful in the office setting.

To view the poster presented at the ODA and the ASDS meeting, click on the thumbnail below. was also presented as an oral presentation at the 2010 ASDS meeting and the 2010 Cosmetic Surgery Forum.

Oral Presentations:

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The most frequent complaints about hemangiomas stem from psychosocial complications. The condition can affect a person's appearance and provoke attention and malicious reactions from others. Particular problems occur if the lip or nose is involved, as distortions can be difficult to treat surgically . The potential for psychological injury develops from school age onward. It is therefore important to consider treatment before school begins if adequate spontaneous improvement has not occurred. Large hemangiomas can leave visible skin changes secondary to severe stretching that results in altered surface texture.

Intralesional corticosteroids dose

intralesional corticosteroids dose


intralesional corticosteroids doseintralesional corticosteroids doseintralesional corticosteroids doseintralesional corticosteroids doseintralesional corticosteroids dose