Herpes ophthalmicus steroids

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Cornea transplantation is sometimes required for lesions that cause severe cornea thinning and loss of structural integrity of the eye. Scars that are visually significant and refractory to medical therapy and/or hard contact lenses may require transplantation. Vitrectomy / Retina detachment surgery may be performed especially in cases of acute retina necrosis (ARN). Glaucoma filtration surgery is sometimes performed if there are difficulties with maintaining optimum intraocular pressure. If the intraocular inflammation and/or steroid treatment causes a cataract then cataract surgery may be performed when the disease process is quiescent.

Herpes ophthalmicus steroids

herpes ophthalmicus steroids


herpes ophthalmicus steroidsherpes ophthalmicus steroidsherpes ophthalmicus steroidsherpes ophthalmicus steroidsherpes ophthalmicus steroids