Female muscle without steroids

Excellent article!, just wanted to ask a quick question in regards to maintaing my muscle and cutting body fat. I work out monday- friday, am eating very healthy and also taking in my body weight in protein per day. I weigh 195lbs but want to get to about 180-185 lbs. I am starting to do cardio to help cut down on my body fat and was wondering when do you think is the best time to do cardio to help decrease my body fat and but not my muscle growth ? Immediately following my workout? or a couple hours after my workout (after I have eaten dinner and protein shake). Thanks for your time

hi,i have been recently diagnosed with CERVICAL i had injured my neck a few years back and had a few problems like stiffness and a slight pain at some particular angles,which i kept on ignoring….BUT the problem recently surfaced after MY upper back routine…It was perfectly . and i had finished my workout on the lat pull down machine,went back from the gym and was planning my SUNDAY,however the next day i started feeling a pressure on the back of my neck and i knew that the old injury had come back.
However i am feeling much better now, as i do my neck and upper back physio therapy exercises every morning ,as suggested by the Doc.
However the Doc. suggested me to carry on with weight training, but i think, i need to first develop and strengthen my upper back ,shoulders and arms [Without weights,so as not to put undue load on my injury] and then think of returning to gym, say after an year.

Female muscle without steroids

female muscle without steroids


female muscle without steroidsfemale muscle without steroidsfemale muscle without steroidsfemale muscle without steroidsfemale muscle without steroids