Feeder workouts without steroids

It’s amazing how different women’s experiences can be! We almost did it with the baby in the bed the night we came home from the hospital and both of us had to take a cold shower. Our first time was after four weeks & it’s definitely different. We have more fun now bc we have to sneak & hurry. At around the ten week mark I hit a wall of not wanting to be touched & we’ve been coping but it’s a challenge & an occasional nidus for conflict. It makes me feel better knowing other mama’s have to adjust too.

The Feeder Workout is done IN ADDITION TO your regular chest workout. I recommend doing the feeder workout either the night of your chest workout or the next day to draw blood and nutrients into the muscle to facilitate healing and growth. The Feeder Workout should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

You would complete all pressing movements during your regular chest workout. I prefer using isolation exercises like flys for Feeder Workouts bc it focuses all the tension on the chest and minimizes blood pumping into the tris and delts.

Yep, I think feeders can suit anyone because they’re low impact and facilitate recovery more than tax it. I was once upon a time a follower of Mike’s methods and writings, but he was too invested in the philosophy of training without taking into account the actual science of what works. Granted, not a lot was known back then and we know infinitely more now about what works optimally, but anyone can see that there’s a variety of methods that work….it’s about finding what works for you through trial and error. I did T-Nation’s 1000 rep challenge for arms the other day which was pretty cool. Tried an all day arm blast though once upon a time and didn’t notice much from it, haha.

Feeder workouts without steroids

feeder workouts without steroids


feeder workouts without steroidsfeeder workouts without steroidsfeeder workouts without steroids