Estrogen blocker after steroids

I know just how my patient felt. When I started treating patients with progesterone and avoiding xenoestrogens back in 1999, patients told me strange things. I had 3 different unrelated patients tell me that mascara made them bloat, retain water, and have breast tenderness. I rebuffed the first lady who called me and told me mascara made her bloat. I thought she was crazy. This was only a small amount of mascara on the eye lashes. I told her she was crazy. But she insisted that her observation was correct. She kept on insisting, “This mascara is making me bloat.”

Hi, I’m 32 I’ve had two beautiful girls aged 10 & 7.
It’s been 13minths now since my last period. Over the last 12 months I’ve put on 15kg, feeling always tired no energy and I get depressed from my weight gain. I eat healthy I’ve always been slim weighing 52kg, but now I’m heading to 65kg. Hate the way I look, I’ve lost my sex drive with my husband because I’m always so tired. I used to be the girl/wife that always loved or pushed to have sex with my husband but not anymore. I’m always suffering with a headache, constant bloating…can I seriously be going through early menopause?? Has anyone else went through the above symptoms as I mentioned above?? I need advise, when I went doctors to tell of my concerned he just laughed and said don’t be silly you’ll get your’s been 13minths now

Estrogen blocker after steroids

estrogen blocker after steroids


estrogen blocker after steroidsestrogen blocker after steroidsestrogen blocker after steroidsestrogen blocker after steroidsestrogen blocker after steroids