Elephant cow on steroids video

LAST EDITED ON Aug-14-11 AT 10:20 PM (MST) We hunted with Chifuti Safaris in the Chewore South area of the Zambezi Valley. Buff/tuskless is one of their most popular hunts, and runs 14 days. I shot my ele, buff, bushbuck, and impala. Had many more opportunities at other animals. Got run off my hyena bait by cheeky lionesses! My hunting partner shot 2 bull buff, a really wide cow, bushbuck, waterbuck, impala, and baboon. Marked up and lost a hyena. He hunted 10 days and went to a fishing camp for tigers for 4 days also I believe that either Len Taylor with Chifuti, or Buzz Charlton with C-M Safaris would be highly recommended for this type of hunt.

They are also able to discriminate between familiar individuals, and among humans. Cattle can tell the difference between familiar and unfamiliar animals of the same species (conspecifics). Studies show they behave less aggressively toward familiar individuals when they are forming a new group. [53] Calves can also discriminate between humans based on previous experience, as shown by approaching those who handled them positively and avoiding those who handled them aversively. [54] Although cattle can discriminate between humans by their faces alone, they also use other cues such as the color of clothes when these are available. [55]

Elephant cow on steroids video

elephant cow on steroids video


elephant cow on steroids videoelephant cow on steroids videoelephant cow on steroids videoelephant cow on steroids videoelephant cow on steroids video