Dog vomiting after steroid shot

I need help please!! My dog is coughing and has been for a few days... We thought since he wasn't throwing up maybe he swallowed something (since kids were here and they had candy no chocolate) so someone told us to try and get him to throw up so we did he just threw up dog food. And then mucus stuff... He felt better for the rest of the day barely coughing then today it's been none stop throwing up mucus. About 4days before this all started he was at the groomers(this one for the first time) but he didn't seem weird when he came home. Please help me he isn't drinking much. He's a lab 6yrs old in October and he is a chunk weighing 106lbs

One way to reduce this tendency is by feeding him smaller portions until you notice his intake naturally slows down. Another option is to serve your dog's meals spread out on a large flat plate or cookie sheet. This forces him to take longer to locate and ingest each piece, reducing the chances of him vomiting after eating. There are also special dog food puzzle toys that require him to work a little harder to get his food out. This can be good exercise for him, but also force him to eat more slowly. Just be sure to monitor that he is still eating all of his food, and doesn't get frustrated by his new meal delivery system.

If you are certain he ingested something poisonous then the vet will induce vomiting. Some people do this at home by using a syringe to shoot 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide down the dog's throat and then adding 1 teaspoon of salt to the back of their throat. The mix will make him throw up. The vet has a quicker prescription drug for this purpose that is actually dropped in the eye called Apomorphine . One drop will make him expel the toxic food. If done immediately after vomiting, an activated charcoal tablet with 2 teaspoons of water will coat his inner lining and suck out any remaining toxins before the toxins have time to reach his bloodstream.

Dog vomiting after steroid shot

dog vomiting after steroid shot


dog vomiting after steroid shotdog vomiting after steroid shotdog vomiting after steroid shotdog vomiting after steroid shotdog vomiting after steroid shot