Documentary steroid use

2) Humans CAN kill animals for meat without tools, and have done so for hundreds of thousands of years. Certain bugs, eggs, ground birds, and shellfish have been on the human/hominoid menu long before complex tools. Same goes for large animals. Humans are proven to run large game to death under the right conditions, and it’s widely believed to be one of the keys to our species’ success. Persistence hunting without advanced tools is also the only accepted reason why humans are among the greatest long-distance runners on the planet. (We didn’t develop the anatomy to handle running 50+ miles if we were only gathering berries!) Research the Running Man Theory for more info.

I never knew there was any “up side” to steroids, but then again I never knew much about them to begin with. I thought long term research had been done. I guess it was just a “cause da jour” for the administration. Like the “war on drugs”, every president seems to come up with some sort of a cause to rally America behind and then we find out latter it’s just a spin, to make them look as if they are making a big difference. I think most men and women on steroids look pretty gross, but it’s their choice and their body. I feel the best advice would be to give America really accurate advice on the real side effects and let us decide to use them or not. I will look for this movie when it comes out on DVD

This is a very interesting yet insightful and objective view of the whole phenomenon that relates to performance enhancing drugs in the USA. It's very apt title absolutely says it all! I can see how non-Americans might not really get a sense of what the big deal is... Only real inaccuracy I noticed (just because I've followed the story so closely) - which does not substantially affect the overall message is: "victor Conte named names...including Barry Bonds." Conte outed some elite Athletes, most notably Marian Jones, but he has never named Bonds. If he had, the recent perjury trial would not have depended so much on Greg Anderson's testimony.

Documentary steroid use

documentary steroid use


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