Chalazion corticosteroid injection

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Home Treatment

see or understand objects second later has problems with his balance , constantly hurting him self by bumping into the walls doors table etc... he had an ear infection 3 month ago which was miss diagnose he was treated for muscle problems. the ear infection got to the point that he stop seeing or walking. now that the ear problem finally taken care of, he lost his focus. seeing or understand object second later, restless and very sleepy. Doctors have no idea what is going on with him. Please help me with your answer. My dog he is male 2 years old Pit/boxer mix. Could that be because his ear infection was treated too late?

Chalazion corticosteroid injection

chalazion corticosteroid injection


chalazion corticosteroid injectionchalazion corticosteroid injectionchalazion corticosteroid injectionchalazion corticosteroid injectionchalazion corticosteroid injection