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“Microsoft Research New England focuses on interdisciplinary work, integrating the more mathematical and algorithmic sciences with both the social sciences and aspects of the biomedical sciences. Our work includes applied projects in areas such as economics, social media, and health care, as well as more theoretical projects in areas such as mathematics and cryptography. The researchers in our lab collaborate closely with the vibrant local academic community. Our primary goal is to advance the state of the art in interdisciplinary research, and our research also enhances Microsoft products and services both through direct transfer of technology and through impact on Microsoft strategy.”

The Cambridge Research Laboratory (CRL) was Toshiba’s first overseas corporate-level R&D laboratory. Originally called Toshiba Cambridge Research Centre, it was established in 1991 to undertake scientific studies which may lead to the semiconductor technology of 21st Century. Cambridge was chosen for the opportunities to collaborate with the University of Cambridge , one of the world’s top universities, and with the growing cluster of hi-tech companies based in the city, plus its good transport links to the UK and Continental Europe.

The Auto-ID Labs is the research-oriented successor to the MIT Auto-ID Center, founded by Kevin Ashton , David Brock, Dr. Daniel Engels, Sanjay Sarma , and Sunny Siu with funding from Procter and Gamble , Gillette , the Uniform Code Council , and a number of other global consumer products manufacturers. The MIT Auto-ID Center was created to develop the Electronic Product Code, a global RFID-based item identification system intended to replace the UPC bar code . In October 2003, the Auto-ID Center was replaced by the newly founded research network, the Auto-ID Labs and EPCGlobal, an organization charged with managing the new EPC Network. Auto-ID Labs is responsible for managing and funding continued development of EPC technology.

Cambridge research labs steroids

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