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They may have no power in terms of the wider (and whiter) society, but they rule the ghetto. They make the decisions and set the terms. They rule the only social institutions that achieve anything, the black churches. They control the family and any man involved is allowed only on their sufferance. Patriarchy is the family ruled by the fathers, and families are the primary building block of society. Matriarchy is the same only with the mothers ruling the family. Are you trying to argue that the ghetto family is not ruled 100% by the mother?

Identifying the distribution of the degree of folding and the stability of chromatin along genomic DNA can clarify the mechanisms underlying cell development and differentiation, including gene regulation. Here, a new method for investigating these factors along native chromatin fibers – ranging over 100 µm in length – relative to changes in salt concentration is reported. To achieve this, we developed a specifically designed microfluidic device which enables single cell-level experiments under a video microscope.

Biotech steroids 2015

biotech steroids 2015


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