Azelaic acid hair loss from steroids

DHT typically binds to androgen receptors at the hair follicle. The topical application of gamma-linoleic acid suppresses these androgen receptors. What it does is it out competes for spaces in androgen receptors that can otherwise detect DHT. All the other linoleic acids, unfortuantely, are not active DHT blockers and are a useless inclusion. [Source 1] However, gamma linoleic acid is listed as the primary ingredient which should be so because it is the most potent 5-AR inhibitor. Revivogen also has grape seed extract which is a source of gamma-linoleic acid.

Alazeic acid, when combined with zinc sulfate, are able to block 5-alpha-reductase. This has only been proven in test tubes and may be different in actual human trials. [Source 2]

Procyandins from grape seed extracts has been shown to increase hair diameter. Proanthocyanidins are vasodilators and  increase blood, bringing blood and nutrients to follicles and allowing them to grow. [Source 3]

Zinc is an essential mineral for hair synthesis and helps prevent alopecia. [Source 2]

Vitamin B6 plays a role in amino acid metabolism (making the monomer constituents of hair), gluconeogenesis, and lipid metabolism.

Saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol, as previously discussed, have been shown to block DHT.

Niacin is a precursor to NAD+/NADP+ which plays essential metabolic roles.

Lo and behold comes today’s potentially blockbuster medical development regarding a subject matter that I have covered on this blog several times before: the world’s first ever head transplant (or more accurately, a “full body transplant” onto an existing “live” head). It seems like  the world’s first successful head transplant ***albeit between two dead people*** has just taken place successfully in China under the supervision of Dr. Xiaoping Ren (with input from Dr. Sergio Canavero/aka Dr. Frankenstein), both of whom I have covered on this blog in the past. However, the procedure was undertaken between two cadavers (., dead people) so is still not really a proper head transplant. Dr. Canavero claims that the transplantation of a live human’s head to a deceased human’s still working body (., a true “full body” transplant) is now absolutely imminent. Lots of coverage about this in the media today and continued skepticism (but significantly less so than in the past). Is Dr. Canavero just in it for the fame or is he for real?

Azelaic acid hair loss from steroids

azelaic acid hair loss from steroids


azelaic acid hair loss from steroidsazelaic acid hair loss from steroidsazelaic acid hair loss from steroidsazelaic acid hair loss from steroidsazelaic acid hair loss from steroids