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That was the end of Bonds's time in Pittsburgh. Now 28 years old, he signed a six-year, $ million contract with the Giants, setting records for the largest deal ever (surpassing Cal Ripken's $ million) and the highest average annual value (beating Ryne Sandberg's $ million). Mays offered to un-retire No. 24 for him to wear, but Bonds instead opted for the No. 25 that his father wore as a Giant from 1968 through '74. He lived up to his new contract with another MVP-winning season in 1993, hitting .336/.458/.677; he led the league in the latter two categories, as well as homers (46), RBIs (123) and intentional walks (43). San Francisco won 103 games but lost out to the 104-win Braves for the NL West flag thanks to a pair of homers by Dodgers rookie Mike Piazza on the final day of the season.

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Once nominated for consideration, all player candidates are submitted to one of eight District Screening Committees, depending on their school’s geographic location, which conducts a vote to determine who will appear on the ballot and represent their respective districts. Each year, approximately 15 candidates, who are not selected for the Hall of Fame, will be named automatic holdovers and will bypass the district screening process and automatically appear on the ballot the following year. Additionally, the Veterans Committee may make recommendations to the Honors Court for exceptions that allow for the induction of players who played more than 50 years ago.

2013 hall of fame ballot steroids

2013 hall of fame ballot steroids


2013 hall of fame ballot steroids2013 hall of fame ballot steroids2013 hall of fame ballot steroids2013 hall of fame ballot steroids2013 hall of fame ballot steroids